Thursday, January 22, 2009


WANTED: Passionate, opinionated, honest, inspirational and dedicated fellow runners to participate in a live podcast. We want you to be one of the hosts on The Runners Round Table.

If you have ever thought about being the host of a podcast but you weren’t sure how to create such a program on your own; this is the opportunity for you.

In order for the show to be successful, we need to ensure that each episode has at a minimum, three participating members to fill three general roles:

TimeKeeper: responsible for starting and ending the recording of the show, the TimeKeeper makes sure that everyone gets a chance to speak, and controls the “mute button” of all who call into the show.
ChatMonitor: responsible for keeping an eye on the chat room, and passing on questions and comments to the Hosts.
Host: responsible for asking questions of guests and discussing topics

If you are interested in becoming a part of this show, send an email to and one of the current hosts of the show will get back to you, or just send Toni, Nik, Dan, Nigel or Steve an email directly and we’ll add your name to the following list of volunteers who have offered to step in as future hosts of The Runners Round Table

Also, if you are interested in filling the role of “TimeKeeper”, please send an email to Steve ( Steve will be creating technical documentation on how to “run the show” as well as hosting a conference call to go over this documentation, sometime in February.

Current List (as of January 22nd)

Toni (
Nik & Dan (
Nigel (
Chris (
Gordon (
Joe Steindl
John Ellis
Jodi (
Jereme (
Martin (
Steve (
Matt (
Justin (
Jami Dulaney
Steve (
Jason Zacher