Monday, June 29, 2009

RRT 36 - Running Shoes

Mike (aka as Westy or RunWesty) with co-hosts Erin, Colin and Ari with a last minute add of Chris Russell of Runrunlive fame greeted Charlie as our guest at the table for a conversation about running shoes.

Charlie is the author of the Running with Coffee blog along with being the assistant manager at Fleet Feet Sports Chicago where he fits runners for shoes and he coaches beginning runners in a couch to 5K program called No Boundaries, which is a joint venture between Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance. Listen in as Charlie answered all of our questions on fitting of shoes, brands, types of shoes, cost, trends and a whole bunch more.

Mike writes the blog Westy's Running
Erin is the host of the podcast Tri N Reality and writes the blog - elements of erin 337
Colin (a.k.a. Resurrected Runner) writes the blog - The Resurrected Runner
Ari writes the blog - Run Ansky Run

My apologies to all in the chat room as I forgot to read off all of your names. A few of the ones I remember are Kelownagurl, Quadrathon, Joe G., Eddie Marathon, Cewtwo. To those I skipped sorry. I hope you all enjoy the show.

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 36]