Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RRT 73 - Brain Science and the Runner

Join the Runners Roundtable on Tuesday, March 16th at 5 PM Eastern as Mark U. (, Steve Runner (@steverunner & Phedippidations podcast), Toni (@Drusy) and Adam Culp ( interview Dr. Ginger Cambell, MD.

Dr. Campbell, besides being an experienced emergency room physician hosts the fantastic Brain Science Podcast (BSP). The brain science covered by Dr. Campbell's podcast will doubtless be of interest to runners and non-runners eager to learn more regarding growing evidence that running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise are good both for our bodies and our brains. Dr. Campbell wukk reference several related episodes of her Brain Science Podcast and time permitting may share some of her emergency room experience as it relates to runners' maladies. Join us for this interesting discussion!

Post-Show Notes:
  1. Several archived Brain Science Podcasts were referenced by Dr. Campbell on the podcast: BSP 33 & 45 (with Harvard’s Dr. Ratey on Exercise & ADD); BSP-60 (Dr. Brown’s work on play) & BSP-8 (Dr. Campbell on How Neurons Communicate). If you find Dr. Campbell's Brain Science Podcast to be of interest please support her work via clicking "Donate" from
  2. Dr. Ratey's book "Spark" was referenced. More about his book and related research can be found at