Tuesday, February 3, 2009

RRT 15: Chatroom Open Mike

We had some outstanding talent at the Open Mike episode!
Steve, Toni and John were joined by over 30 runners in the chat room and eight of them stepped up to the mike to talk.

Matt Tartar from the Dump Runners Club podcast - www.dumprunnersclub.com
Coach Adam
Chris Russell from the RunLiveRun 2.0 podcast - www.runrunlive.com
Steve Chopper from the amilewithme podcast - www.amilewith.me.uk
Brian “TriBoomer” Brode from The Stay Tuned Report podcast - www.staytunedreport.blogspot.com
Ultradad from the Ultradad podcast - www.ultradad.podbean.com
And a too brief greeting from solorunner in Oregon

Thanks guys, it was a great episode. We'll have to do it again soon!
Steve Runner from the Phedipidations podcast - www.steverunner.com
John Ellis with his blog coming soon - the22miler.blogspot.com
Toni Harvey with her www.Drusy.blogspot.com blog

[Click here for Runners Round Table - Episode 15]