Saturday, February 28, 2009

RRT 19: Open Mike with Triboomer

This week, Brian “TriBoomer” Brode from The Stay Tuned Report podcast - and Steve Runner from the Phedippidations podcast - had 9 callers on the line, and dozens in the chatroom.

Ashland Dave from his podcast - Running in the Center of the Universe
Chris Duffy from his blog
Eddie from his blog
Dirtdog from his blog
Matt Tartar from the Dump Runners Club podcast -
Chris Russell from the RunLiveRun 2.0 podcast -
John Ellis with his blog -
Toni Harvey with her blog
Colin (Clewsy) acted as chatmaster

Team Point Two
RRT is looking for six people who have run one marathon and now want to focus on their training to set a PR. John Ellis and Steve Runner will hope to understand their motivation, their time constraints, their strengths and identify ways they can make their second attempt a great success. RRT will feature these six runners over the next months until an Autumn marathon. No pressure here...
So if you're interested, tell John Ellis why (email to

[Click here for Runners Round Table - Episode 19]