Saturday, November 14, 2009

RRT57 - Stretching with Yuri

In this episode, we talked with Yuri Elkaim - athlete, author and Fitness/Wellness Expert. A former professional Soccer player, Yuri is the founder and owner of Total Wellness Consulting, hosts a blog Fitter U Fitness, and has written Eating for Energy ( and Nutrition for Runners ( as well as articles in Beyond Fitness magazine, Impact magazine, and Fitness Business Canada magazine.

As co-host, we had Thad, aka "RunnerDude" of and running mentor for the new goal-oriented social site, for its Long Distance Running and Run for Fitness circles and free-lance writer for

Also co-hosting were Toni, host of her blog, and Melisa, host of her blog,

Both Yuri and Thad addressed the difference between dynamic stretching and static stretching and the importance of stretching for injury prevention. Next, we moved on to nutrition. Yuri shared his nutritional approach with the group, which is based on incorporating more raw fruits and vegatables into your diet and consuming foods in their "unprocessed" state. In addition to stretching and nutrition, the group briefly discussed interval training - how it works and why it might help you become a better runner.

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