Friday, December 18, 2009

RRT 62: Running with dogs

Chris Russell and Buddy the Wonder dog from the RunRunLive podcast talk with co-hosts Marathon-Manic Tory (aka MsTeechur) from Washington State, a teacher and fitness coach (Journey Fitness blog and podcast) who runs with Wiley, and sometimes Dash. From Nashville, is Marc, who is just starting to run with his dog, Sancho. Bridget is from Suburban Philadelphia and is looking to get a dog to run with. Timekeeping is Toni ( who runs with Nelly. We ask advice from journalist Julie (aka FunnyRunner), host of the brilliant blog LLOL (literally laughing out loud), who writes an endurance training column for the Baltimore Examiner and recently researched the subject for the paper, "How far can I run with my dog?". And we talk about running races with dogs - (

(image original art available for purchase from PainterNik on Etsy - how can you resist for Christmas??)

In the chatroom we had Iain ( who runs with Rosie, Dennis (, Matt from the Dumprunners Club podcast, Marathon Chris from the Running Adventures podcast, Lybbe from the 50 Counting Down podcast and eight guests.