Thursday, August 19, 2010


In this episode of the Roundtable THE Adam Tinkoff (new media legend and friend to everyone who calls themselves a runner…and human being) talks with both Simon and Nigel about their ground breaking new creation: Channel Runner, THE first and only internet radio station of running content in the world wide web. 

Channel Runner is the most important thing to happen to New Media in a long time, and along with the video excellence of this streaming radio station is well positioned to take the content created by fellow runners to a new “audience” (spoken with the quotes firmly in place) of friends, as a means of expanding our community well beyond the current reach.

Channel Runner is a game changer, and as the year progresses we will find that the number of friends and fellow runners who are a part of our Running Community will expand past the tens of thousands into the hundreds of thousands and more!

Listen in as Adam talks with Nigel, Simon and some late comer named Steve on this special edition of the Runners Round Table!