Monday, August 23, 2010

RRT96: The Quest for the 50-Mile Ultramarathon

On Tuesday, August 24th, Eddie Marathon, Mike Westermeier, Ashland Dave, and Kevin Green discussed the road to tackling the 50-mile ultramarathon. If you have ever run such a distance or have thought about doing so or even if you think such an idea is a little (or a lot!) crazy, then check out the podcast with some fellow runners as they explored what goes into making such a commitment. Bring plenty of food and water for this one folks. We’re going long down trail!

The chatroom was buzzing with many fellow runners including: Dr. Smitty, Cewtwo, Carrie WtRS, Med Scholar Adam, Steve Runner, DirtDawg, Mark U, Patti Serrano, and Rob Maury.

You can find Eddie at his blog Eddie Marathon as well as on the Shock of the News podcast with his co-host Adam Tinkoff. Mike writes a great blog at Westy’s Running. Dave is the host of the podcast Running in the Center of the Universe. Kevin is the founder of Just Finish.

Come join us at the table!

[Click Here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 96]