Friday, October 9, 2009

RRT 51: Your WWFOR Open Mike

The Crazyrunner, Matt (and podcast of the same name) and Steve Runner, host of the Phedippidations Podcast, along with Toni (Drusy's blog) hear from WWFOR runners - Mark U. who ran the Chicago Marathon for a fantastic PR & BQ (, Joe Garland (, Ari of the RunAnsky blog, Lybbe, host of the 50 Counting Down podcast, RunBridget's run with her daughter and sister, Eddie, host of his blog, and even Terry ( calling in DURING his WWFOR race!

Lots of support in the chatroom from JimJ, Harry1888, gchance, Matt from the Dumprunners Club podcast, Gordon, Steve Chopper from the a mile with me podcast, Sabuchan from Japan, SonsofLibertyRiders1, Melotte from the Netherlands, dennrunner and tspattern.

[Click Here to Listen to RRT Episode 51]