Saturday, October 31, 2009

RRT54: State of the Run Net Community

What is the current state of the Run Net Community of bloggers, podcasters and fellow runners within the world of new and social media? Are we doing all we can to reach out and invite other runners to join us in word and voice? Are we using this media to its full potential to invite sedentary people to rise off the couch of doom and lace up their shoes? What can we do to let the rest of the running community know that we have this platform called “new media” for them to stand up and be good examples to anyone with a computer or iPod? Are we doing enough? (maybe we are!) Can we do more? (if so, what)? Bring your ideas to the Runners Round Table, and let’s talk about the current state of the Run Net Community.

Recorded at a special time: Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET (22:00 UK Time)

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