Sunday, May 23, 2010

RRT 83: Running Blogs

From the moment Johannes Gutenberg pieced together the first printing press in 1440, the printed word has been helping to educate, motivate and inspire fellow runners all over the world to live a better life.

From the early days of CompuServe, GEnie, BiX, Bulletin Board Systems and Usenet in the last decade of the 20th Century: the “Web Log” (Blog) has gone far past its original purpose of an “online diary”.  Today there are over 112 million blogs (tracked by the search engine Technorati) being updated by people all over the planet; giving Blog readers an interesting and entertaining perspective that old mass media could never approach.

On this 83rd episode of the Runners Round Table, we’re going to talk about Running Blogs: listing MANY examples and discussing why this media format is so important to both the running community network and others who are contemplating lacing up their shoes to join us on the road.

What makes a “Good” Running Blog?  Why is a Running Blog such a powerful method of motivating and inspiring others?  How and does audio and video media change the way that Running Blogs are consumed?  What are the barriers to entry for would be Running Bloggers?  What are the best online services for blogging? Why should YOU start a running blog?

Pull up a chair as we look for the answers to these questions and more, with Steve Runner (host of the Phedippidations podcast, and his Intervals blog) at the controls (pray for us) along with Adam "Boring Runner" from , Eddie Marathon and THE Zen Runner (to keep Steve in line).

Here's a link to a BUNCH of great Running Blogs!  

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Also at the table was:  cewtwo, craigmacfarlane, liferunner, MarkU, ResurrectedRunner, verbivore, DAGs, forty2atforty2 and quest262 .