Thursday, May 6, 2010

RRT81 - Running to the Limits

We talked with freelance director, motivational speaker and cameraman, (, who made a bold new year's resolution in 2006 to leave the lad's life of drinking and smoking behind and  become a 2:20 marathoner in two years. He produced a video, “Running to the Limits” that documents his journey toward his goal. We talk about the root causes of Britain’s decline from having 100+ sub 2:20 runners in 1985 to just 5 in 2005, how to become really fast and what it means for Kenyans and Ethiopians to win big races.

You'll have to buy the video to find out if he made it! (here) and a portion of the profits will go to support a great charity to get shoes and healthcare to African young runners

Co-hosting are Paul (host of RunYankRun Podcast and, Lisa (  and Toni ( In the chatroom we had Joe Garland (, Steve Runner (Phedippidations podcast), Trucker George, Margaret (@butterflyrunnr and Flutterbys blog), Matt (Dumprunners Club podcast) and Chris (@theTechGuyChris).

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 81]