Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Episode 3: Ultra Zen Tri

Episode 3 brings us a full packed show with Kimba the Ultra Runner and Brett from the Zen and the Art of Triathlon podcast. It's a jammed packed show that will certainly lead to these guests coming on again. Thanks to everyone who participated in the LIVE call.

[ click here for Episode 3 ]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Episode 2: The Extra Mile Podcast

Episode 2 and this week we are joined with Kevin and Marathon Chris from The Extra Mile Podcast. We also discuss how we record while we run and share a bit about our favorite places... This is a jammed packed show with all the podcasters you love including Uncle Steve, Uncle Zen, Uncle Nigel, Auntie Nik & Uncle Dan. A special suprise guest shows up at the very last minute. Enjoy the show!

[ Click here to Download The Runners Roundtable Episode 2 ]

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Episode 1: Some Time With The Good Doctor... Dr. Monte that is.

Episode 1 - Join us at the table as we share some time with our good friend Dr. Monte from the great podcast, Fitness Rocks. He shares insight he gained from an interview with Dr. Eliza Chakravarty of Stanford Medical School about how exercise (namely running) can play a major role in reducing your disability and even morbidity as you get older. Amazing stuff. Also we discuss the new developments on The Worldwide Festival of Races and a little company called Nike who is staging a vaguely similar event in 2 weeks called The Human Race 10K. We also mention our dear friend Kevin of The Extra Mile Podcast - and his call for submissions. So get out there folks and record your training for all to share and send it along...

Thanks for joining us for this live show and remember there's always an open chair waiting for you at the table.

[ click to download The Runners Roundtable Episode 1 ]