Wednesday, April 20, 2011

RRT 117: Extreme Marathons (and Beyond!)

According to most standards running a road marathon is pretty extreme, yet some people need a different sort of challenge. A whole host of extreme races has sprung up to meet to this need, from ultramarathons to marathons held in challenging locations. Join us on April 20th, as several runners who have tackled one (or more!) of these extreme events discuss the rise in popularity of these events, what drives them personally, and what future holds. How extreme will the sport get?

The discussion will be led by Kiersten Pfeifer ( and feature Dan McKenna who just completed the Atacama Crossing, a seven-day, six-stage, 150-mile endurance footrace across the Atacama Desert of Chile ( Conquer Atacama St. Baldrick’s Page and Conquer Atacama Facebook Page.), Phil Moneypenny who ran the first solo Marathon at the Halley base on the Brunt Ice Shelf, and Paul Both who completed a Transcontinental run from Huntington Beach, CA to the Statue of Liberty in New York (

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