Saturday, June 26, 2010


Chris Russell, host of the RunRunLive podcast talks with with Jake, host of the podcast; Megan, host of the Run Vegan Run and Country Vegan podcasts; Josh host of the Speedy Sasquatch blog; Jessica, Christy host of 26milemark blog, Amanda and Jeff, owner and coach of about HOW TO QUALIFY FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON, the mecca for runners.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

RRT 87 - World Wide Festival of Races

Steve Runner of the Phedippidations Podcast hosted a race director's meeting for the 2010 World Wide Festival of Races!  This race is a free, non-commercial event for runners of all abilities, where everyone is invited to register, train and run with us in the spirit of friendship. If you’ve not yet signed up, check out the weekend of 9-10 October 2010 runners from around the world will 'virtually' come together to celebrate their passion for the sport they love by running The Worldwide Festival of Races Half Marathon, 10K and 5K distances.

 We had Kevin, from the Extra Mile Podcast, Steve C from the a mile with me podcast, and Terry from the Gravity@1053 podcast on the call. In the chatroom were Nigel from Running from the Reaper podcast, Krister from the Running the Narrow Path podcast, Adam from the True confessions of a Medical Scholar blog, Margaret from her Flutter-bys blog, Joe from The Middle Aged Athlete blog, Allterrain, Mark U from the Run in America blog, and Craig @Craigmacfarlane.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RRT86 - Running to overcome

Mark U (host of his blog Run In America), talks about the healing power of running with Lisa (host of her blog Nurse on the Run), and Charlie (host of his blog Running with Coffee).

Each shares their story about how running has helped them to overcome adversities and challenges.

Referenced links within the podcast:

In the chat room we had Adam @MedScholarAdam (his blog), Butterflyrunner, and navy58.

Monday, June 7, 2010

RRT85 - NOT over the hill runners

Dan @passinthrough talks with Margaret @butterflyrunnr, host of her blog Flutter-bysMatt,@runnermatt host of the Dump Runners Club PodcastColin @resurrectedrunr, host of the Resurrected Runner Blog and Toni @drusy host of  talk about how to keep running... even when you may never break those lofty PRs of your past.  How to stay motivated and KEEP RUNNING!

In the chat room we had Charlie @cewtwo, host of the blog; Joe Garland, host of his blog; Adam @MedScholarAdam, host of his blog; The Fire Runner, host of the blog; Adam, host of his blog; Craig Macfarnlane @craigmacfarlane, and cydave.

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