Monday, August 23, 2010

RRT96: The Quest for the 50-Mile Ultramarathon

On Tuesday, August 24th, Eddie Marathon, Mike Westermeier, Ashland Dave, and Kevin Green discussed the road to tackling the 50-mile ultramarathon. If you have ever run such a distance or have thought about doing so or even if you think such an idea is a little (or a lot!) crazy, then check out the podcast with some fellow runners as they explored what goes into making such a commitment. Bring plenty of food and water for this one folks. We’re going long down trail!

The chatroom was buzzing with many fellow runners including: Dr. Smitty, Cewtwo, Carrie WtRS, Med Scholar Adam, Steve Runner, DirtDawg, Mark U, Patti Serrano, and Rob Maury.

You can find Eddie at his blog Eddie Marathon as well as on the Shock of the News podcast with his co-host Adam Tinkoff. Mike writes a great blog at Westy’s Running. Dave is the host of the podcast Running in the Center of the Universe. Kevin is the founder of Just Finish.

Come join us at the table!

[Click Here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 96]

Thursday, August 19, 2010


In this episode of the Roundtable THE Adam Tinkoff (new media legend and friend to everyone who calls themselves a runner…and human being) talks with both Simon and Nigel about their ground breaking new creation: Channel Runner, THE first and only internet radio station of running content in the world wide web. 

Channel Runner is the most important thing to happen to New Media in a long time, and along with the video excellence of this streaming radio station is well positioned to take the content created by fellow runners to a new “audience” (spoken with the quotes firmly in place) of friends, as a means of expanding our community well beyond the current reach.

Channel Runner is a game changer, and as the year progresses we will find that the number of friends and fellow runners who are a part of our Running Community will expand past the tens of thousands into the hundreds of thousands and more!

Listen in as Adam talks with Nigel, Simon and some late comer named Steve on this special edition of the Runners Round Table!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Few Good Ideas

A couple of weeks back there was a discussion on RunnersRoundTable about . . . RunnersRoundTable. The program, closing in on its 100th episode, is looking to enlarge its fan base and its contributor base.

After nearly two years of being administered by Lady H, the RRT is now a true community-effort. If you look to the right, you'll see a reference to RRT's new GoogleGroup. It is the headquarters for all things RRT. It's self-help:
  • You get an idea, old, new, borrowed, blue;
  • You get input from other group members;
  • You schedule a show in an open week;
  • You get your panel;
  • You act as the show's Timekeeper (a simple task).
The GoogleGroup page makes this simplicity itself. This is a community effort, from start to finish. We want, indeed need, everyone's input. Shows and topics people like. Shows and topics they don't.

Things may be a bit bumpy in this transition period as we all get accustomed to the new system, so bear with us. Better still, if you see an open week, grab it. And run with it.

Yes, there's always room for you at the Table. Now we're asking you to bring a chair.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

RRT 94: Running for a Healthy Heart

Join Dr. Dave, John Ellis and Steve Runner for a healthy discussion about one of the greatest benefits of running: Having a Healthy Heart. We’ll talk about ways to care for your heart, and what specific benefits running offers your cardiovascular system. Take heart and join us at the table as we talk all things heart related to running!

Monday, August 2, 2010

RRT 93: Running In The Heat: 8/4 @ 8

There was a good discussion in the hot-weather-running program among Amanda (ChemE Runner), a Boston-area native doing a 5-year stint (3 to go!) in Austin getting a Chemical Engineering PhD; Philadelphian Flo (GirlInMotion); and the multi-jurisdictional CoachAdam (having most recently spent time in southern India). Joe Garland hosted.

Some good stuff on this one, especially on the tricky issue of what to drink and how much of it to drink. Are you racing in the heat or just trying to train through it? Maybe you should prepare yourself for the former just in case you have a barn-burner in your target race, as they did in Chicago a few years back.

And as with so much stuff running, we're unique and we reacted to conditions in our own ways. But in the end, when you cross your red-line, STOP.

Special Round Table Metacast: The Future of the RRT

This is a very special, unscheduled episode of the Runners Round Table where we discuss how best to go forward with the “show”.

We need more runners to take ownership of the RRT, buy stepping up to become Time Keepers and Program Managers for the show.

YOU ARE QUALIFIED for this, and WE WILL TRAIN YOU on the simple, non-technical procedure for organizing, scheduling, recording, and presenting this important part of the Running Community.

Being a part of the Runners Round Table is rewarding and fun.  It gives you the change to meet and talk with friends and fellow runners all over the world.  It is through this that we come together to create and celebrate our community.

Please give this episode a listen and consider becoming a planner, manager and TimeKeeper for the RRT.  THIS IS YOUR PODCAST, and there’s always plenty of room for you AT THE TABLE.

In attendance: Toni Harvey, Mark U, Eddie Marathon and Steve "air quotes" Runner.