Saturday, October 31, 2009

RRT54: State of the Run Net Community

What is the current state of the Run Net Community of bloggers, podcasters and fellow runners within the world of new and social media? Are we doing all we can to reach out and invite other runners to join us in word and voice? Are we using this media to its full potential to invite sedentary people to rise off the couch of doom and lace up their shoes? What can we do to let the rest of the running community know that we have this platform called “new media” for them to stand up and be good examples to anyone with a computer or iPod? Are we doing enough? (maybe we are!) Can we do more? (if so, what)? Bring your ideas to the Runners Round Table, and let’s talk about the current state of the Run Net Community.

Recorded at a special time: Sunday evening at 5:00 PM ET (22:00 UK Time)

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

RRT53 - West Coast Ultra - Runners & Tri-athletes

For this episode we welcomed to the table some familiar faces and some new faces to talk about Going Long…marathons, ultra marathons and IronMan races.

What is the appeal of swimming 2.4 miles, riding a bike for 112 miles and then running a marathon? What drives ultra runners to disappear into the mountains and not return for 20+ hours and really why would you want to run a marathon.

Along with answers to these questions we talk about lessons leaned from mistakes gone by, what’s next on everyone’s agenda and we even have a little off the cutting room floor for you.

Around the table were:

Stuart Blog Podcast Twitter @quadrathon
Mike Blog & Podcast Twitter @dirtdawg50k
Carlos Blog Twitter @cdnet1
Matt Blog Podcast Twitter @
Amy Blog Twitter @ameliacarolyn
Erin Blog Podcast Twitter @erin337

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RRT 52: The Oxford Dream Inspires WWFOR race

We talk about the Oxford Dream Inspires WWFOR race. Steve Chopper (@stevechopper), host of the a mile with me podcast invited all the UK runners to come for a real run together for our WWFOR - and we even got Krister (@Krister_RtNP) from the Running the narrow path podcast from Sweden to join us! Nigel (@nigelrunner) from Running from the Reaper podcast, Phil Moneypenny (@showshadow) ( and his sister Vicki, Toni (@drusy)( and her son, Nick, Harry Burns (@harry67), Paul Abrelat (@pabrelat) from his blog,, Paul (@xjr4buddha), Richard, Shelia (from the extra mile podcast), Mark Wheelton from his blog,, Gary Wall (@GaryW2008) from his blog,, and even Tineke (@tinebeest) on a bike! Phil posted a great video of the run -

Check out photos on the group blog and as we plan where to run together next, come join us!

In the chatroom we had some of our crew (Nigel, Tineke, PaulBudda and Krister) but also Matt from the DumpRunnersClub podcast, Joe Garland of the RunWestchester blog, DevonIain from the DevonIan.blogspot blog, JimJ, Donna from Team Point Two, Lilydee and Terry from the gravity@1053 podcast.

Friday, October 9, 2009

RRT 51: Your WWFOR Open Mike

The Crazyrunner, Matt (and podcast of the same name) and Steve Runner, host of the Phedippidations Podcast, along with Toni (Drusy's blog) hear from WWFOR runners - Mark U. who ran the Chicago Marathon for a fantastic PR & BQ (, Joe Garland (, Ari of the RunAnsky blog, Lybbe, host of the 50 Counting Down podcast, RunBridget's run with her daughter and sister, Eddie, host of his blog, and even Terry ( calling in DURING his WWFOR race!

Lots of support in the chatroom from JimJ, Harry1888, gchance, Matt from the Dumprunners Club podcast, Gordon, Steve Chopper from the a mile with me podcast, Sabuchan from Japan, SonsofLibertyRiders1, Melotte from the Netherlands, dennrunner and tspattern.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

RRT 50- Running Moms with Kristin Armstrong

Running offers a bit of peace for Moms, a path back to fitness and self-esteem. But how to manage it - finding balance and motivation, fighting guilt? As co-hosts, we've got three expert running Moms to share their secrets - Lois (, Karin (, and Susan ( along with Toni ( as timekeeper.
Special guest is Kristin Armstrong, motivation columnist of Mile Markers, in Runners World and author of three books: Work in Progress: An Unfinished Woman's Guide to Grace, Happily Ever After: Walking with Peace and Courage Through a Year of Divorce and the children's book, Lance Armstrong: The Race of His Life.
Views about running strollers, needing friends, family and partners to help and the harsh reality about risks in training a tired, post-pregnancy body. But it's the best way to stay sane, make time for yourself and ultimately show your kids that you can achieve anything if you try!

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