Thursday, December 31, 2009

RRT63 - New Year's Resolutions OPEN MIKE

OPEN MIKE, hosted by Stuart from the Quadrathon Podcast, with Christina or @solorunner, host of the blog, Running Chicks in PX and Quotidianlight, host of the Running with Ghosts Podcast, Barb from her Kelownagurl Tris Podcast, Steve Runner from the Phedippidations podcast, Zippoo, Mark U from his blog RuninAmerica, Albert from his blog, AlbertRuns, Eddie from his blog, EddieMarathon, Adam Tinkoff from his new podcast, Adam 20, Brad Nueman from his blog, theNuemanshow, and Joe Garland of the RunWestchester blog.

Friday, December 18, 2009

RRT 62: Running with dogs

Chris Russell and Buddy the Wonder dog from the RunRunLive podcast talk with co-hosts Marathon-Manic Tory (aka MsTeechur) from Washington State, a teacher and fitness coach (Journey Fitness blog and podcast) who runs with Wiley, and sometimes Dash. From Nashville, is Marc, who is just starting to run with his dog, Sancho. Bridget is from Suburban Philadelphia and is looking to get a dog to run with. Timekeeping is Toni ( who runs with Nelly. We ask advice from journalist Julie (aka FunnyRunner), host of the brilliant blog LLOL (literally laughing out loud), who writes an endurance training column for the Baltimore Examiner and recently researched the subject for the paper, "How far can I run with my dog?". And we talk about running races with dogs - (

(image original art available for purchase from PainterNik on Etsy - how can you resist for Christmas??)

In the chatroom we had Iain ( who runs with Rosie, Dennis (, Matt from the Dumprunners Club podcast, Marathon Chris from the Running Adventures podcast, Lybbe from the 50 Counting Down podcast and eight guests.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

RRT 61: Marathon & Beyond

Listen in as Mike (Westy's Running), Albert (Albert Runs) and Lesley (Going the Extra Mile) welcome Jan Seeley and Joe Henderson from Marathon & Beyond magazine to the roundtable.

Jan is the publisher of Marathon & Beyond and has been running herself since 1974. Jan has been with Marathon & Beyond since it was launched by Human Kinetics back in 1997 along with editor Rich Benyo. They purchased the magazine from Human Kinetics but we will hold off on any more info until the show. Since Rich can't join us they arranged for a very special guest substitute, Joe Henderson. Joe is a prolific author of over 2 dozen books on running (my favorite is his book on George Sheehan, Did I win?) and a featured columnist at Marathon & Beyond. Heck he's even made it to wikipedia: Joe Henderson.

During the show we discussed the magazine, it's format, history, why is it different than other running magazines and a variety of other topics with Jan and Joe.

Jan offered to send a free copy of their Jan/Feb issue (featuring the profile on Joe Henderson) to the first 50 folks who email her at and anyone who signs up for a subscription will also receive the free Jan/Feb issue and they will include the M & B GoHat. I have been a long time subscriber and I can highly recommend it (I should add NFI), it's just a great read.

You can also sign-up for Joe's newsletter from his website, also mentioned in the show was the Dick Beardsley running camp which you can find more information about it on the Marathon & Beyond website.

We were joined in the chatroom by Resurrected Runner, SteveRunner, CEWTWO, Kelownagirl, RushRunner and probably a few that I missed, sorry about that.

Thanks all for a fun discussion about Marathon & Beyond.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

RRT 60: Blind Runners and Guides

Steve Chopper, host of the "a mile with me" podcast talks to blind runners/guide teams: Phil and his guide Rich Scott, founder of the "Shared Vision Track Club" that helps find runner/guide pairs all over the US, located in Lousiana. Cindy, a blind runner from Phoenix, who was recently interviewed by the East Valley Tribune and Graeme, a blind runner who was featured on . Co-hosting is Christina, host of her blog and Toni is timekeeper (

In the chatroom were Matt from the DumpRunnersClub podcast, Cewtwo, host of his blog, Recreation with Charlie (, Kevin from The Extra Mile Podcast (, Steve Runner from the Phedippidations Podcast (, flipdizzy, DevonIain JimJ, Marceloosilva from the blog ( in PORTUGUESE ), Rhea, from her running blog, Personal Velocity: and Spencer from his blog, (in the Virgin Islands!)

In the UK, contact the British Blind Sports site or the Royal National Institute for the Blind to volunteer to be a guide for a blind runner.

Check out the crazy video of Steve Chopper's recent London Santa Run MileVid-02 and WE CARE that he's doing the Poole 10k race around the lake on Boxing Day!

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