Thursday, March 25, 2010

RRT 75 - irun iread book club

Joe Garland and Toni Harvey spoke with Canadians Grant and Vicky, who have created the "irun iread" book club for iRun magazine's website. We started with a discussion about barefoot running and Chris McDougall's book, Born to Run. Joe's review of it is here, and McDougall's RRT appearance, episode 43, is here. (Was Joe too harsh? The interview to which he referred is on Pete Magill's site.) Joe mentioned a five-part Science of Sport series on barefoot running: parts one, two, three, four, and five. There was some discussion about why women make better ultra-marathoners. Decon Patrick Jones ( shared his barefoot/minimalist running experience as it relates to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). And Joe made a reference to a recent study on exercise and weight, and to this article from the Daily Beast.

In the chatroom we had Adam (Confessions of a Medical Scholar blog), Craig McFarlane, Mark U's (Run In America blog) and 9 guests.

Here are some other running-related books we mentioned:
Running for my Life - Ray Zahab, Terry Fox: His Story - Leslie Scrivener, Pre- Tom Jordan, George Sheehan (many!), Once A Runner John L. Parker Jr., The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - Alan Sillitoe, Lore of Running - Timothy Noakes, Flanagan's Run - Tom McNab, What I Talk about When I Talk about Running - Haruki Murakami and The Perfect Mile- Neal Bascomb.

On his blog, Joe reviewed Charlie Spedding's "From Last to First" as well as Renee Chambliss's "Dreaming of Deliverance" and Jamie Freveletti's "Running from the Devil," both novels about women who find running long distances rather, well, useful. Renne will be the subject of next week's RRT program.

Many of these can be found at, and Mark U alsos recommends his list at

Friday, March 19, 2010

RRT 74 - New Kids on the Block

Stuart (@quadrathon) host of the Quadrathon podcast  talked to new kids on the run-net community block: Michael and Corey from the Real Rookie Running podcast (@r3podcast), rookie runners and rookie podcasters.  Barb (@kelownagurl) saves the day when Stuart drops out!

Tech difficulties kept  Brian from Triborg is Trying podcast  (@tribork) , but we hope to get them on soon!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RRT 73 - Brain Science and the Runner

Join the Runners Roundtable on Tuesday, March 16th at 5 PM Eastern as Mark U. (, Steve Runner (@steverunner & Phedippidations podcast), Toni (@Drusy) and Adam Culp ( interview Dr. Ginger Cambell, MD.

Dr. Campbell, besides being an experienced emergency room physician hosts the fantastic Brain Science Podcast (BSP). The brain science covered by Dr. Campbell's podcast will doubtless be of interest to runners and non-runners eager to learn more regarding growing evidence that running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise are good both for our bodies and our brains. Dr. Campbell wukk reference several related episodes of her Brain Science Podcast and time permitting may share some of her emergency room experience as it relates to runners' maladies. Join us for this interesting discussion!

Post-Show Notes:
  1. Several archived Brain Science Podcasts were referenced by Dr. Campbell on the podcast: BSP 33 & 45 (with Harvard’s Dr. Ratey on Exercise & ADD); BSP-60 (Dr. Brown’s work on play) & BSP-8 (Dr. Campbell on How Neurons Communicate). If you find Dr. Campbell's Brain Science Podcast to be of interest please support her work via clicking "Donate" from
  2. Dr. Ratey's book "Spark" was referenced. More about his book and related research can be found at

Saturday, March 6, 2010

RRT 72 - Charity fundraising

Brian (@Triboomer) host of the Stay Tuned Report podcast talks to Kiersten - ( blog, Toni (@drusy and Adam (@Medscholaradam - True Confessions of a Medical about why runners decide to raise money for charity  - and what works best to attract sponsors!

In the chatroom we had Matt @dumprunner from the Dump Runners Club podcast, Eddie @EddieMarathon (, Jim J and Joe Garland (

AND Here's a link to Triboomer's 101 ways to raise money. GOOD LUCK!

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 72]

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RRT 71 - Joe Henderson Interview

Listen to Mike (Westy's Running), Albert (Albert Runs) and Lesley (Going the Extra Mile) as they welcome Joe Henderson, the former chief editor of Runner's World Magazine. Joe is a prolific author of over 2 dozen books on running (Amazon has 4 pages including his book on George Sheehan, Did I win?) Since 1982 he's written a newsletter, that's now a blog, Running Commentary and he's now a featured columnist at Marathon and Beyond. He's even made it to wikipedia: Joe Henderson! We talk a bit about what he currently is enjoying doing which is coaching runners in a marathon training group for the Eugene Running Company and touch just a bit on his past.

You can also sign-up for Joe's newsletter on his website and be sure and read through the on-line books he has provided at no cost. There you will find two of his classic books: Long Slow Distance and Long Run Solution along with a couple of new books: Starting Lines and ReRuns.

We were joined in the chatroom by EddieMarathon, Duffrunner, CEWTWO, ZenRunner, Chris Russell and probably a few that I missed, sorry about that.

Thanks all for a fun discussion with Joe

[Click here for RunnersRoundTable Episode 71]