Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RRT 115: Running Form, Wed., Feb. 23 @ 8 EST

It wasn't so long ago that we had a show on Running Form. We thought we'd revisit the issue because it continues to get almost daily attention in the blogosphere. We'll have Pete Larson and Steve Magness (recently hired by the Oregon Track Club) on again and talk about developments since our last appearance. Joining us too will be Ian Adamson, Newton Running's Director of Research and Education. Pete interviewed Ian in December 2009.

Pete just posted about Stride Cadence -- you may recall from our initial show that the consensus was that this is an important aspect of form -- and he discusses a number of recent pieces, including one by Steve, on this very topic. Pete also attended a conference in West Virginia last month and posted a series of pieces:

In that last one, Pete sends you to a nice post by Jay Dicharry on the topic. It's a complex yet simple process, this running. With a discussion of a bit more of the science, we hope to provide a bit of clarity.

Now for those discouraged by reading that Pete's shuffling-along rate is 186, one of our hosts (Joe Garland) can't break 170 and Steve's is 168 (getting north of 192 at his tempo pace).

Mark UlrichCraig Macfarlane, and Joe Garland will share hosting duties.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

RRT Congratulates Steve Magness on his New Job as Assistant Coach to Alberto Salazar

The Runners Roundtable would like to extend a big congratulations to Steve Magness, who has provided a consistent source of excellent information both in his Science of Running blog and here at the Runners Roundtable within two excellent recent episodes (i.e. RRT-98 on Running Form and RRT-106 on Training Basics). Steve has accepted his new job as assistant coach to Alberto Salazar at the Nike Facility in Beaverton, Oregon. With the Oregon Track Club Steve will be helping to train Adam and Kara Goucher, Galen Rupp, Alan Webb and other world-class athletes!

Found below is a video from Flotrack featuring an interview with Steve about his new gig:

Friday, February 4, 2011

RRT 114 - Cross Training Can Be Fun!

Tired of yet another boring workout on the bike trainer or elliptical machine? Ever wondered what Cross Fit is, what is a TRX, what goes on in those hot yoga classes, and is Pole Dancing a legitimate workout? You'll get some answers to these questions and more when you listen in to our chat from Wednesday, February 9, 2011 with several runners who supplement their running with a variety of fun activities. We discussed what cross training and supplemental training are, why you should consider it it, and what activities you can add to your running. Hosted by Margaret Suddeth (Flutter-Bys), with Ann Brennan (Ann's Running Commentary), Tim Doiron (ICannotSitStill), and Nik Wong (4 Feet Running). Joining them will be Joe Garland (RunWestchester), who purports not to cross-train.