Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RRT 52: The Oxford Dream Inspires WWFOR race

We talk about the Oxford Dream Inspires WWFOR race. Steve Chopper (@stevechopper), host of the a mile with me podcast invited all the UK runners to come for a real run together for our WWFOR - and we even got Krister (@Krister_RtNP) from the Running the narrow path podcast from Sweden to join us! Nigel (@nigelrunner) from Running from the Reaper podcast, Phil Moneypenny (@showshadow) ( and his sister Vicki, Toni (@drusy)( and her son, Nick, Harry Burns (@harry67), Paul Abrelat (@pabrelat) from his blog,, Paul (@xjr4buddha), Richard, Shelia (from the extra mile podcast), Mark Wheelton from his blog,, Gary Wall (@GaryW2008) from his blog,, and even Tineke (@tinebeest) on a bike! Phil posted a great video of the run -

Check out photos on the group blog and as we plan where to run together next, come join us!

In the chatroom we had some of our crew (Nigel, Tineke, PaulBudda and Krister) but also Matt from the DumpRunnersClub podcast, Joe Garland of the RunWestchester blog, DevonIain from the DevonIan.blogspot blog, JimJ, Donna from Team Point Two, Lilydee and Terry from the gravity@1053 podcast.