Monday, August 2, 2010

Special Round Table Metacast: The Future of the RRT

This is a very special, unscheduled episode of the Runners Round Table where we discuss how best to go forward with the “show”.

We need more runners to take ownership of the RRT, buy stepping up to become Time Keepers and Program Managers for the show.

YOU ARE QUALIFIED for this, and WE WILL TRAIN YOU on the simple, non-technical procedure for organizing, scheduling, recording, and presenting this important part of the Running Community.

Being a part of the Runners Round Table is rewarding and fun.  It gives you the change to meet and talk with friends and fellow runners all over the world.  It is through this that we come together to create and celebrate our community.

Please give this episode a listen and consider becoming a planner, manager and TimeKeeper for the RRT.  THIS IS YOUR PODCAST, and there’s always plenty of room for you AT THE TABLE.

In attendance: Toni Harvey, Mark U, Eddie Marathon and Steve "air quotes" Runner.