Monday, August 2, 2010

RRT 93: Running In The Heat: 8/4 @ 8

There was a good discussion in the hot-weather-running program among Amanda (ChemE Runner), a Boston-area native doing a 5-year stint (3 to go!) in Austin getting a Chemical Engineering PhD; Philadelphian Flo (GirlInMotion); and the multi-jurisdictional CoachAdam (having most recently spent time in southern India). Joe Garland hosted.

Some good stuff on this one, especially on the tricky issue of what to drink and how much of it to drink. Are you racing in the heat or just trying to train through it? Maybe you should prepare yourself for the former just in case you have a barn-burner in your target race, as they did in Chicago a few years back.

And as with so much stuff running, we're unique and we reacted to conditions in our own ways. But in the end, when you cross your red-line, STOP.