Friday, November 20, 2009

RRT 58 - Picking a training plan

How to design a training plan? Toni,, asks the experts - Leslie Lam,
Joe Garland, and
Dr Jami, who all talk about the importance of a structured plan including speedwork, repeats, tempos, intervals and hills. Good plans are recommended from books including Daniel's Running Fomula, Run Faster, From Last to First (Joe's blog review of that book) and the RunnersWorld Ryan Hall Half plan.

The controversy of charity runners displacing qualified Boston runners gets a cameo Steve Runner rant and Joe blogged after the RRT conversation with Marci a few weeks back, on Charities. In the chatroom were Matt (@runnerMatt) from the DumpRunnersClub podcast, dennrunner, Colin Hayes from his blog, Resurrected Runner, Steve Chopper (@stevechopper) from the a miles with me podcast, Papa_Louie and EmDad or Dennis from Brooklyn from his blog,