Thursday, May 13, 2010

RRT 82 - Reasons NOT To Run A Marathon

Open a running magazine, listen to a running podcast, read a running blog, and there it will be. The M word. On the May 19, 4pm EST episode, we'll discuss whether one can in fact lead a rich and fulfilling runner's life without racing a marathon. Must it be the grail, the sine qua non, the McGuffin?

The panel will consist of folks who have run marathons. They've walked the walk. We'll see if they can talk the talk. Some have asked whether there is something more, and declined to define "more" as "longer." Hosting will be Joe Garland, who wrote about the debate on the first of the year and posted this for the show. He'll be joined by GirlInMotion's Flo (whose recent Boston was her swan song in the event and who's debated the issue herself), Mark U. of Run In America fame, Matt of the DumpRunners Club, and Colin Hayes of the Resurrected Runner. Colin did a somewhat disappointing 3:49:32 on May 15 and Matt was disappointed with a 3:03:59, and we'll be speaking about both of those.

So if you feel resigned to having long been herded to the "has-only-run-a-half" table at social events, perhaps you'll discover that that's where the cool kids are.