Sunday, July 4, 2010

RRT 90 Overtraining Pitfalls

Toni (Drusy's Blog); Amelia, a health and fitness coach from Sydney, Australia (; Brooke from Memphis; Petra from Lincolnshire, host of her blog Petra runs; and Marathon Maniac/running trainer Tory (Journey Fitness and from Seattle talk about the causes and symptoms of overtraining. Can running too much have a negative impact on your physiological, biomedical, and psychological health? Friends and family? And for women, even your fertility. For iron deficiency, John ellis recommeded reading this post  at In the chatroom were Nigel from Running from the Reaper podcast, Matt from the Dump Runners Club podcast, Adam from the True confessions of a Medical Scholar blog, Margaret from her Flutter-bys blog, John Ellis from The 22miler blog blog, Clewsy (@clewsy), Chris Russell host of the Run Run Live podcast, Colin from his blog, Resurrected Runner blog, and Craig @Craigmacfarlane.