Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RRT 107: Nutrition Discussion with Nancy Clark

What are the key elements of appropriate nutrition for active runners and athletes? Recognizing that many runners' prime motivation is their desire to maintain or lose weight, how do they do so without impairing their health or their athletic ability? What are the key guidelines in properly tapering before a race? Do runners' nutritional requirements vary by gender, with the extent of exertion and/or age? During a race how should a runner optimally fuel and hydrate?

We discussed most of these nutrition-related questions, and many others in this episode of the Runners Round Table, which featured special guest Nancy Clark, internationally known sports nutritionist. The show was hosted by Mark Ulrich, Toni Harvey, Colin Hayes, Craig Macfarlane, and Margaret Suddeth.

Nancy answered all of our questions, and in the wrap-up section encouraged us to find a sports-dietitian via so-as to work with us individually and to answer additional questions. This site lists Members of Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN), who are experts in nutrition for athletic performance, fitness and weight management, cardiovascular health, wellness, and in the prevention and treatment disordered eating and eating disorders.

Finally, Colin Hayes' excellent Runnin' So I Can Eat song, a clip of which was played on today's show, is available for free download from his site:

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