Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RRT 118: Running Injuries - Racing, Training and Recovering

We are back with a show to discuss Running Injuries. Take a listen and plan to join us for a future show. My apologies for the few technical issues, it's been a while :-).

So join Mark Ulrich, Joe Garland, Tim Kirchner, Craig MacFarlane and Mike Westermeier for a discussion that will cover a lot of different tangents of running injuries.

We discussed continuing to run after an injury, when to see a Doctor, what happens if you try to run through an injury and various ways to recover from an injury. You will hear about torn ligaments and cartilage, stress fractures, muscle pulls and tears, sprains, strains as well as the normal overuse injuries like ITB syndrome, plantar fasciitis and probably a few more.

Have you ever had an injury? Have you ever tried to run through it? Were you successful? Has part of your decision been based on that you signed up for a race and had to do it? Could it be that you have a streak going so you just have to run the event?
If you want some additional information check out Mark's recent post: Running Injuries - Treatment and Prevention.