Tuesday, August 18, 2009

RRT43 - Barefoot Running

A great interview with Chris McDougall, author of "Born to Run" and John Woodward, barefoot running and Alexander Technique teacher from www.naturalrunning.co.uk. Co-hosts were Steve Runner, host of Phedippidations podcast, Ultra- marathoner "DirtDawg" host of the DirtDawg's Rambling Diatribe Podcast, Chris "Duffrunner", author of the "Mind of a Middle Aged Marathoner" blog, and Toni of www.drusy.blogspot.com blog. We talk about human evolution, barefoot running classes, the bio-mechanics of running, injuries, shoe manufactures "testicular nonsense", Chia seeds, beer and the amazing Tarahumara indians.

In the chatroom were Lybbe, host of Fifty Counting Down podcast, Matt from the DumpRunnersClub podcast, Erin, the host of Tri N Reality Podcast, Steve Chopper from a mile with me podcast, fsmith423, Joe Garland of the RunWestchester blog, Nigel from the Running from the Reaper Podcast, drsmitty99, harry1888, justfinish, runnerfor good, Gordon from the Running to Disney Podcast, Mango from the Tri the Mango podcast, lucky7runner, butterflyrunr, justfinish, DAGs, denrunner, DevonIain from the IMFL blog, Oscar Yeager, Kevin from the Extra Mile podcast, bald man running, Chris Russell from the RunRunLive podcast and roadbunner.

[ Click Here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 43 ]