Tuesday, September 7, 2010

RRT 97: Yelling & Williams from Marathon Talk

On Episode 97, Steve Chopper and the team were joined by Martin Yelling and Tom Williams from the MarathonTalk podcast.

Martin (right), husband of 2x Olympic Marathon runner Liz, is a former British duathlon champ and is now a leading running and tri coach. Tom (below) is a an experienced marathoner and 7x ironman finisher.

Together they produce the fantastic "Marathon Talk" podcast.

The guys have also been helping the London 2012 organizers in utilizing the power of social media, blogs and podcasts in the lead-up to the Olympics, so know a thing or two about the power of podcasts when linked to athletics.

They had some interesting insights to share with the live panel of Toni, Mark U from RunInAmerica, Joe from RunWestchester, Craig, and AMileWithMe's Steve.

Joining us in the chatroom, in addition to the panelists, were Matt the DumpRunner, Danny Norman, Steve Runner, The Curio, Nigel Runner (possibly related to Steve!), Catarcher and MedScholarAdam.

There were also over 20 "guest" participants in the live chatroom as the team discussed the power of interactive new-media in creating a global running community.

[Click Here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 97]