Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RRT 99: Trail Running for the Urbanite

On September 22nd we discussed all things trail running for the city-dweller, including how to find urban trails, what shoes to use, trail races, when to drive to a trail and the all important, philosophical question: what is your position about running on golf courses?

Representing Los Angeles, we had Stuart from the Quadrathon blog and podcast. Amanda in Austin hosted the show, and hailing from Houston was Mark, author of the Run in America blog. Mike, host of the Westy's Running blog joined us from Minneapolis, and Chris from the RunRunLive podcast represented Boston, and many other cities that he visits. Amanda hosted, discussing Austin and Boston, and is the author of the ChemERunner Blog.

[Click Here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 99]

Here are the trails that we collectively have positive experience running:

Austin - Amanda
  • Town Lake/Barton Creek Town lake is up to 10 miles of river front running with 6 bridge crossings, surface is primarily flat dirt trail. Barton Creek trail is up to 7.5 miles of single track trail running, surface is entirely unpaved with many rocks, roots and a few water crossings.
  • Shoal Creek The Shoal Creek trail runs along Shoal Creek Boulevard between 38th St and approx 15th St. Along this stretch the trail is primarily flat dirt with a small amount of pavement.
  • Mayfield Park This is a single track, technical loop of trail just under a half mile in length.Hancock Golf Course A dirt trail runs along the perimeter of this public golf course, mostly crushed rock, sand and dirt. One loop is 1.25 miles.
  • Walnut Creek This massive urban park has over 11 miles of trails with a mix of dirt, rock, tree roots and water crossings, arranged in a maze like pattern. Watch out for bikers, as this is a popular spot for them.
  • Spicewood Springs
  • Emma Long
  • Pace Bend
Boston - Amanda and Chris
Chicago - Mark
Houston - Mark
Los Angeles - Stuart
These are all from Motion Based, they’re a bit dated as I don’t use it much but still valid, mostly taken from trails in the Santa Monica Mountains there are a few races from 10 miles to 50k thrown in the mix too. Some of them are pretty long from last year when I was training for a 100 miler but there are some short ones; down to 5 miles or thereabouts.
  • Hyland Lake Park Reserve
  • Lebanon Hills Regional Park
  • Minneapolis Lakes and River road
  • Minnesota River Bottoms - Bloomington access
  • Minnesota River Bottoms - Federal Land
  • Minnesota River Bottoms - Fort Snelling
  • Minnesota River Bottoms - Minnesota Valley State Park
  • Theodore Worth Park
  • Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve