Thursday, July 2, 2009

RRT 37 - Relay Races

RunWestchester blogger Joe Garland hosted an episode about running in relay races, interviewing Paul Vanderheiden, the Green Mountain Relay Race Director and founder of Timberline Events. Co-hosts were Tavia of the Pigtails Flying Blog and Teri, host of along with Toni of Drusy's blog as timekeeper.

In the chatroom, we had Gordon of the Running to Disney podcast, Erin, the host of the podcast Tri N Reality and host of the blog - elements of erin 337, Ari, host of his blog - Run Ansky Run, Lybbe of the Fifty Counting Down podcast, Stuart of the Quadrathon podcast, Steve Chopper from the a mile with me podcast, Sconesvt, Shannon, Cewtwo host of Recreation with Charlie Blog, a Wild West Relay runner, DirtDawg of DirtDawg's Rambling Diatribe Podcast and Rob O'Neil of the Heart of Vermont Relay.

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 37]