Thursday, July 9, 2009

RRT38: Lyle McDonald - Weight loss and Nutrition

An interview with Lyle McDonald, athlete and author of seven books on various aspects of exercise, diet and sports nutrition, including The Protein Book and The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. He's an invaluable resource - the articles on his website demonstrate the depth of his understanding of new scientific research that endurance athletes, weightlifters and dieters need to know!

Around the table we had Toni Harvey, host of the Drusy Blog, John Ellis, "advisor" of Team Point Two and host of the22miler blog; Brian Walter host of RushRunner blog and Quotidian, host of the Running with Ghosts Podcast.
In the chatroom, we had MarathonChris of the Running Adventures podcast, Chris Russell of the RunRunLive podcast, floogy, RawDomer, Glenn of the Runs with Diaper blog, Lybbe of the Fifty Counting Down podcast, Colin of the Resurected Runner blog, Roadbunner blogger, Brian "Triboomer" of the Stay Tuned Report Podcast, Steve Runner of the Phedipidations podast, and Charlie or "Cewtwo" on twitter, host of Recreation with Charlie Blog.

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 38]