Thursday, April 1, 2010

RRT 76 - Dreaming of Deliverance

On Wednesday April 7th the author of the novel Dreaming of Deliverance, Renee Chambliss, joined Joe Garland, Lesley and Toni to discuss the novel, writing, and, now and then, running. It was agreed that while Jane Eyre would like make a good ultra-marathoner (lots of stamina), Elizabeth Bennett would do quite well at shorter stuff. Renee explained how she used a Spiderman tent as her recording studio for the podiocast of the novel, and she promised to resume recording now that she's back from a surfing photo safari in Tasmania Tanzania. She's promising a sequel.

For her part, Lesley admitted that starting out as a runner and going first to the marathon was a mistake; she's quite happy doing much shorter stuff in a local race series where she lives in North Carolina. Toni was enjoying a respite from the London weather in Florida.

Couple of updates. Little Nell (and you'll have to listen to the program to see how she came up) is from Dickens's "The Old Curiosity Shop." The classic prison-runner movie, "The Jericho Mile," is from 1979: