Saturday, April 24, 2010

RRT79 - Coach Jackson

Adam Culp (CrazyFloridian blog) and Nicole (running bebe blog) talk with Coach Alphonzo Jackson, head coach of the San Francisco East Bay Run Team for Team-in-Training. He was the Head Coach of "Students Run Oakland" when the documentary film, "Runner's High" was made and has become sort of a celebrity coach since the film, and deservedly so. "Runner's High" follows a handful of Oakland High School students, many from poor backgrounds, as they train for their first marathons and gain self-discipline and self-confidence in the process. Coach Jackson has also been advising Team Point Two member, Nicole.

Coach Alphonzo also taped some Marathon Running Tips - 4 short films of about 2 minutes each - that are posted on the Runner's High website.

[Click here for Runners Roundtable - Episode 79]