Friday, April 9, 2010

RRT 77 - Trails vs. Road Running

Listen in as Mike W (Westy's Running) is joined by EddieMarathon, Charlie Colpaert (Running with Coffee), Tim Doiron (RunDervRun), and Brian Walter (RushRunner) for episode 77 of the RunnersRoundTable. The topic: Trails vs. Road Running.

We tried to cover a variety of topics about trail running like getting started, pros and cons of trails, hazards of trails, surfaces and of course shoes. We may or may not have gotten through all of that but we all enjoyed our conversation, hopefully you will too.

I mentioned I would post a few links to some trail running resources these may help get you started but there are many more out there and don't forget to check your state, regional and national parks as they almost always have trails.

American Trail Running Assoc
Coach Weber's Ultramarathon Calendar
Georgia Ultrarunning & Trailrunning Society
Superior Trail Races
Trail Run Events
Trail Runner Magazine
UltraRUNNING Online | The ULTRA Running Race & Information Site UltraRunning link for the U.S.
Upper Midwest Trail Races
Upper Midwest Trail Runners

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